Why streetwear? Why spend so much on it? Can streetwears get you somewhere?

Why streetwear? Why spend so much on it? Can streetwears get you somewhere?

Many people have asked us about these particular questions since the opening of our store. "Why do people sell such expensive clothings when it is prominent that you are just going to wear it like any other clothes in your cupboard?" 

Well, personally, I love the idea that the founder of the streetwear culture, Shawn Stussy, had a passion in doing what he love and created a brand out of his passion in both art and his job, which was a manufacturer for surfboards. He ended up making a name out of his brand, Stüssy, in the 1980s. 

Yet, to what extent are we able to define the term "streeetwear?" Is it "a style of clothing that people wear on the streets," or, "a type of underground fashion?" It is both right and wrong, wikipedia suggests that streetwear is both a "Style of fashion clothing" and an expression of art which began populating globally in the 1990s." (Wikipedia, "Streetwear", March 2, 2020

While many teens don't really, and don't want to know about the "boring history" of streetwear, it was in fact a fairly old and new clothing fashion, since the beginning of streetwear, it has transformed itself to a whole new fashion in this date. Many world-renowned streetwear companies like Supreme, started with designing skateboards and hip-hop related clothings. Since the creation of the iconic brand Stüssy , more and more names have been rising, Vetements, Off-White, you name it...

It was to a point that even celebrities started promoting these various brands whilst wearing them like it's their daily essentials. But back to the question, why streetwear? Well, if you were to ask the public, their answer will be more or less the  same, "it's a trend, it's mainstream." Yes, it is the current trend among youth and teens around the world, everyone seem to be wearing the same brands, you probably couldn't walk 10 feet without seeing a stranger wearing the exact brand you just saw 2 minutes ago. However, I see streetwear as a way to express my emotions of the day, for instance, I could easily assumed that a person is "feeling down by wearing a vest over a dark coloured tee with a pants that holds many pockets." Of course, it is not always true, but what I am trying to illustrate is that Streetwear has a wide range of combinations that it can affect one's emotion OR brightens up one's day. 

Just as Mr.Stussy had quoted, "For me, freedom is the by-product of staying true and being tenacious towards your lifestyle choice... If you are doing for your livelihood, what you truly enjoy, then I consider it life, instead of work. A truly free life... I am most proud of my family and my choices..."

My ideal definition of streetwear is that I am carefree and I disregard the unwanted emotions and events that is going to be thrown to me today, I trust that it is my freedom to express my emotions however I desire. Thus, I want to share the products that I love to you, so that you are able to feel the importance of treating and taking care of yourself once in a while for the amazing work that you have done, whether it is in your workplace or your service you gave the public. I want invite you, and you only, to jhypeprod.com to check out the amazing streetwear styles that I, J HP, has specifically chosen for you. Thank you for giving us a chance to proof our worthiness of your time. 



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